Our Top 13 Stories of 2013

What tops Orange County news?

Many thanks to our loyal readers for making 2013 our biggest year at orangecoast.com! Here are the 13 most popular stories of the year*.

  1. Center of the Universe
  2. Murder, Love, and Redemption
  3. Why Isn’t Randy Kraft Dead?
  4. Top Doctors of 2013
  5. Secrets of Disneyland
  6. 3D Jesus
  7. A Fact-Checker’s Journey to a 1980 Afternoon
  8. Sandy Murphy’s Complicated Life
  9. Best of 2012**
  10. The Private Struggle of a Public Woman
  11. Best New Restaurants of 2013
  12. Murder. Just Because.
  13. My Imported Bride

*Based on google analytics data pointing to specific URLs (i.e. not “The Wine Dudes blog”). January 1, 2013-December 30, 2013.

**Yeah, we thought that ‘2012’ might be a typo too, but it’s not. You can, however, click here for our Best of 2013 feature too.

Pictured: My personal favorite cover of the year, our September ‘Book of Lists’.

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