Olympic Badminton Player, Jamie Subandhi, on the Demands of the Sport

The 27-year-old’s badminton-crazed father has a vivid memory of handing his daughter her first racket when she was just 3½ years old. But Subandhi insists she was 6 the first time she swung at a shuttlecock. What isn’t up for debate is how far she has come as an athlete. One of the best badminton players in the country, the Westminster resident honed her skills at the Orange County Badminton Club in Orange. Though her proudest accomplishment is her participation in the 2016 Olympics, Subandhi plans to take a little time to relax before preparing for Tokyo 2020.

Photograph by Sean Teegarden

Tournaments she competed in the year of Olympic qualifications

6 Hours of training per day

20 Years she has played at the Orange County Badminton Club

26 Countries Subandhi has traveled to for tournaments

1 Rank in the U.S., with her doubles partner Philip Chew

1,000 Shuttlecocks she goes through on a drill day

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