Favorite Things to Do in O.C. From a Kid’s Perspective

Often what kids consider to be fun and what adults like doing can be two completely different things. As parents who are at times obsessed with making our kids happy, sometimes we end up overdoing it or assuming that they will like the same thing that we like. Instead of trying to guess what will be the most entertaining for your kiddos, why not just ask them directly? You might discover that it’s actually the simple things in life that they find most enjoyable.

We embarked on the task at hand and asked O.C. kids, “What is your favorite thing to do?” Here’s what they said.

Zella Ha“Riding in Duffy boats in Newport Beach. And sometimes I get to steer the boat, too!”
—Zella Ha, 6, Orange

“Big Slide park at the beach!” (Marina Park in Newport Beach)
—Jaren Kiyiskan, 3, Newport Beach

“I enjoy going to see plays my friends are in, and also plays in general, because they make really good plays in Orange County.”
—Tessa Espinola, 9, Laguna Beach

Donovan Brown Gibbons“Go get some chocolate ice cream at Yogurtland. And a cherry and sprinkles to go with
the chocolate.”
—Donovan Brown Gibbons, 4, Costa Mesa

“I like to go bowling with my family.”
—Madelyn Valle, 9, Costa Mesa

“I like to go to the beach, with no rocks. Somewhere like Strands. I’d take my friends who don’t have beaches there.”
—Jack Miller, 9, Laguna Niguel

Lydia Metzger“Sunset Beach is my family’s favorite. I live all day in the ocean with my sister, Elise.”
—Lydia Metzger, 7, Placentia

“I love to go to Seely park on my Heelys.”
—Max Maragona, 5, Huntington Beach

“I like the Fountain Valley Skating Center because I like to skate, and it has fun games.”
—Acacia Clifton, 12, Costa Mesa

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