OC Answer Man: We don’t sound like The Californians sketches on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ do we?

Angelenos seem to be the butt of this spoof about the trivial dramas of Southern Californians, and their obsession with freeway and surface street navigation. One hears quasi-Valspeak among some young adults, but that’s a national malady largely driven by reality-TV personalities. Not that there isn’t a California accent (we do strange things with vowels, as in “He rowed his bewt past the boo-ey and cot some mockrel.”), but I’ve only known one adult in Orange County who talks like The Californians—and he ran off to live in L.A. long ago. As for the rest of The Californians shtick? Reciting the roads you arrived on is more of a Midwestern thing (like reminiscing about weather). And we don’t overdescribe our furniture, either. But based on the number of cosmetic surgeons here, I’m guessing a fair number of locals end each day staring into the mirror.

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