O.C. Answer Man: Who is the most prolific procreator in Orange County?

You might be tempted to say the record belongs to Fullerton native and former La Habra resident Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and her 14 children. While her octuplets were newsworthy  when they were born in 2009, she’s certainly not the only mom with 14 or more children. When it comes to fathers, however, it’s hard to imagine one more prolific than Stanton’s Romulo Delsi. When he died in his early 90s in 1932, Delsi had outlived most of his 47 children (born to four wives). With medical records now closely guarded, there’s no way to be certain this is still the record, but it seems likely. By the way, the Answer Man is not encouraging anyone to try for 48.

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