O.C. Answer Man: Which Disneyland attraction was the biggest flop?

The short-lived, $20 million Light Magic parade and street show (1997), with its step-dancing, child-frightening pixies, is a contender. But does a parade count as an attraction? Some of the worst offerings were the “filler” attractions in the still-incomplete Tomorrowland during the mid-1950s. At least the Dutch Boy Paint Color Gallery, open through the early 1960s, let kids mix and match colors. But the Dairy Bar, sponsored by the American Dairy Association, was a (milk) dud that disappeared in less than three years. It featured static models of futuristic cows watching color TVs and milkmen making deliveries in helicopter jetpacks. At the spine-tingling conclusion, guests could buy a glass of milk. The lactose-intolerant undoubtedly appreciated the Bathroom of Tomorrow exhibit next door.

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