O.C. Answer Man: What’s Orange County’s Smallest City?



A: By size, La Palma is our smallest city, at 1.832 square miles. By population, Villa Park is smallest, with about 5,800 residents. (By comparison, Villa Park is 2.078 square miles, and La Palma has 15,568 residents.) Neither is big enough to rate a Starbucks, yet La Palma is divided among five school districts. Villa Park is so small that its city hall, library, and post office are wedged into its only shopping center, along with Bagel Me and Mr. Best Cleaners. This wellheeled island of suburbia is surrounded by the City of Orange. Tiny La Palma incorporated in 1955 as Dairyland, with the goal of keeping dairy farms in and suburbia out. That plan failed, but the community frequently makes Money magazine’s national list of “Best Places to Live.”

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