O.C. Answer Man: Other than Disneyland, does Orange County have any Star Wars connections?

The signature scar on Han Solo’s chin came from Laguna Beach. In 1964, actor Harrison Ford had an apartment in the hills above Laguna Canyon and a job as an assistant art buyer for Bullock’s department store at Fashion Square (now MainPlace) in Santa Ana. Driving to work on Laguna Canyon Road one morning, he fumbled with the seatbelt in his Volvo and accidentally ran over a curb and into a telephone pole. He busted his chin open on the steering wheel. Luckily, the resulting scar didn’t keep Ford from getting a coveted role in “John Brown’s Body” at the Laguna Beach Playhouse the following year, where his acclaimed performance led to his discovery by Hollywood. The scar only helped him when portraying adventurers, rogues, and intergalactic smugglers.

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