O.C. Answer Man: Nothing says California like non-native palm trees. Where’s the best place to see them?

South Coast Plaza has an amazing collection of more than 50 varieties of palm trees from all over the world, including rare ones such as the Sentry Palm, Lady Palm, and Teddy Bear Palm. Rows of Cuban royal palms along Bear Street (56 in all) are the only such stands of this species between Florida and Hawaii. The Segerstrom family, which owns the retail megaplex, is fond of palms and even planted additional trees to honor the family’s centennial anniversary in Orange County. If you go on a palm scavenger hunt, be sure to check every nook and cranny, including parking lots, road medians, and the former Crystal Court wing. Adventure awaits! But unlike most tropical safaris, you should worry more about bad drivers than venomous snakes.

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