O.C. Answer Man: I vaguely remember a restaurant sign with the Carl’s Jr. Happy Star wearing a sombrero. Could it be?

True. In 1972, Orange County hamburger king Carl Karcher started a Mexican fast-food chain called Taco de Carlos. Menu items included California Burritos (chimichangas), Crispiritos (super-gringo chimichangas), Machaca Burritos, tacos, and green chile burgers. Karcher operated 17 restaurants at the chain’s peak, but sales eventually fizzled. Karcher sold the restaurants in the early 1980s, but visions of tacos still danced in his head. In 1994 the first dual-branded Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito restaurant opened, and in 2002 Carl Karcher Enterprises bought Green Burrito outright. So why not bring back that sombrero-wearin’, taco-totin’ Happy Star?

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