O.C. Answer Man: Doesn’t the Panda Express in Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm ruin the Old West illusion?

True, a Chinese fast-food place looks odd, but there’s an easy fix. The building could be redecorated to become Ghost Town’s Chinatown, reflecting the important role of Chinese-Americans and Chinese immigrants in early California. They built railroads, prospected, picked crops, and started businesses—under harsh conditions and long before fair labor laws. Many mining boomtowns had Chinatowns, as did Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana. For now, the Panda Express at Knott’s just looks like a row of new Western false-fronts and the interior looks modern. But hang a few ducks and paper lanterns in the windows, stencil new signs, and voila! Knott’s is best when it combines fun with history.

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