O.C. Answer Man: Does Lake Forest really have its own ‘Sesame Street’?

Sort of. The Kimberly Gardens mobile home park on Muirlands Boulevard includes the following streets: Kermit Drive, Big Bird Lane, Muppet Way, Sesame Street, Grover Lane, Oscar Way, and Cookie Monster Lane. Consider the era during which it was built. “Sesame Street” debuted on PBS in 1969 and was wildly popular by the time Kimberly Gardens was carved out of the orange groves in 1972. In that context, the theme makes sense. And the Answer Man finds it more appealing than the one chosen for the Moore Homes tract, which was laid out in 1960 along Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach. Its street names include Viceroy, Camel, Kent, and Salem. Even in the smoking-friendly 1960s, it raised eyebrows and acquired the nickname “Tobacco Row.”

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