A Latte That Will Make Your Day

This morning, I had one of those lattes. You know, the kind that starts your day off just right, and makes you feel as though the day has no choice but to be perfect from here on out? Yes, one of those lattes. It all went down at Bear Coast Coffee in downtown San Clemente, a pop-up that shares a storefront with The Cellar.

Andrew, the barista behind my blissful send-off, poured for me the most perfectly rounded and silky foam-topped coffee that will ultimately be a disservice to any latte I have in the future. It could have been the early morning San Clemente sea breeze, or the fact that sitting across from me was my best girlfriend, but I am confident that regardless, it proved to be what dreams are made of. If you’re as keen on coffee and lattes as I am—no matter where you live in Orange County—head to San Clemente first chance you get and start at least one morning this week at Bear Coast.

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