Japanese Dollar Store Adventures

Orange Coast magazine visits Daiso Japan in Irvine

I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life since Daiso Japan opened in Irvine’s Heritage Plaza last year, but let me tell you—I’ve been missing out! Our art director Mindy Benham took a few of us on a field trip there a couple of weeks ago, and now we’re obsessed. The variety of products is dizzying, and we could have stayed there for hours looking at each item, trying to decipher what everything was (a lot of the labels are in Japanese, and the guessing game is just part of the fun) and filling our baskets with the most random and cutest merchandise.

Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows? Sure! Charcoal face mask? Why not? Panda oven mitts, patterned rice bowls, and polka dot nylons? I need them all! Did I mention that pretty much everything in the store is $1.50? Because that is amazing, and also dangerous. It’s ridiculously easy to blow $50 without thinking. There’s also an entire section devoted to Japanese snacks—Pocky anyone?

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