Hi There Reader, We Got a New ‘Do

OrangeCoast.com is excited to present our new, mobile-friendly website

My first reaction to Orange Coast’s website when I arrived almost two years ago? “1998 called, it wants its website back.”

Websites existed back then, sure, but they weren’t fast, slick, easy to navigate—and they certainly weren’t pretty on smartphones (paging Zack Morris) or this as-of-yet-uninvented-iPad-thingamabob. Now, more than a third of our traffic doesn’t come from someone sitting at a desk. We’re all out there moving and shaking, and our new website will move with you.

Which is why I’m so excited to show off our new OrangeCoast.com, your destination for everything you need to know about life in Orange County, California. We’re famous for our beaches and surf culture, our housewives and luxury lifestyle, our theme parks and Disney culture. But once you’re in Orange County, you discover so much more: fabulous restaurants, interesting bars, hidden cultural nuggets, sports, outdoor adventures, and shopping second to none. We hope our new website makes it easier for locals and visitors alike to discover—or rediscover—all the ways to explore and enjoy Orange County.

We welcome and encourage your feedback. Let us know what works, what doesn’t, and what you think will make our site better. Shoot an email to lallen@orangecoast.com or reach us through Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @orangecoastmag. We’re here, and we look forwarding to connecting with you wherever you are.

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