Person of Interest: Gregory Wolfe Forever Young

Greg Wolfe as Rod Stewart

PHOTOGRAPH BY Nicholas Iverson

Since 1984, he has been performing as Rod Stewart, paying tribute to the British rock star by perfecting his natural Rodlike looks and singing voice. A longtime entertainer on the Orange County circuit, Wolfe has performed at the OC Fair as well as with the Pacific Symphony. But the 59-year-old impersonator says there’s more to his act than just his appearance. “I can get the crowd going, and that’s half the show. It really is.”


First performance as Stewart?
It was a mock rock contest back in Michigan. I had a buddy who was the DJ at the club. He said I’d take it, hands
down. So I got some flashy clothes, mussed up my hair, and about 15 Bacardi and Cokes later, I got on stage and
ended up winning the thing.

Any songs you’re sick of?
Not really, although at my age it’s kind of irrelevant to sing “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy.” But you know, every time I get tired of it, I wake up and think, Christ, I get to do what I love to do—sing and perform. I’m pretty lucky.

What keeps it new?
The energy. Rod’s charismatic; no one really sounds like him, and his every move is second to none. If I was doing
something like the Grateful Dead, I don’t think I’d be doing this for 30 years.

Ever meet the man himself?
No, never have. If it happens, great, but I think I’d rather have him do one of my original songs since I’ve been doing his for all this time.

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