A Graffiti Covered Tunnel in Irvine You Probably Don’t Know About

Chances are, you’ve passed over this hidden tunnel many times without realizing it was below. Graffiti-covered walls in Irvine? Who knew? Adventure-seeking geocachers, that’s who. The site, with a dark entryway under Trabuco Road near Culver Drive, has a large and prominent geocache that’s a challenge to get to.

If you’ve never gone geocaching then you’re in for a truly active and fun experience that the whole family can enjoy. It’s part treasure hunting, part outdoor trek and similar to Pokemon Go in that it incorporates GPS technology but better since what you find is actually real. One of the greatest things about geocaching is that you can do it just about anywhere you are. Looking for something to do with the kids that’s close by, cheap (or practically free) and actually fun? Load up the geocache app to see the caches around your neighborhood. Then put on some comfortable shoes, grab the kids and walk out the door. It won’t be a question of if there are any caches nearby but more likely how many.

Visiting family in another state, or even another country? You’ll likely find caches there too. But, prepare yourself for the potential frustration that might ensue with not being able to find a cache and the constant nagging to go geocaching from your kids after they’ve become addicted. Once you get past that, then get ready to be astounded by some of the things you just might find.

More information at geocaching.com. Or read all about this fun activity in this ultimate guide to geocaching!

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