What We Got Right in 1986

Orange Coast takes a look back at what we used to write

Orange Coast has chronicled life in O.C. for more than 40 years. What did we predict 30 years ago?

A story about wunderkinds in the April 1986 issue featured Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis, who graduated from UC Irvine. The story said Louganis hadn’t finalized plans about competing in the 1988 Olympics. Louganis said, “You can’t move the date of the competition, and if you wake up with the flu, or you sprain your ankle on the day of Olympic trials or World Championship trials, you still have to compete.”

He certainly proved that commitment. In those 1988 Olympics, Louganis hit his head on the board in a preliminary round of the 3-meter springboard, suffered a concussion, needed five stitches, and came back to win gold in that event. That level of persistence made Louganis the best male diver in history; he swept diving events, winning gold in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. He’s the subject of a 2014 documentary, “Back on Board,” and has returned to the sport to mentor the U.S. Olympic diving team.

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