The Folk-Singin’ Baby-Deliverin’ Girl Next Door

Songwriter Ashlee Morton of Orange delivers more than hits

Photograph by Kevin J. Miyazaki

The Old Towne Orange resident leads an unusual double life as an acoustic-guitar-wielding folk singer, and a certified doula. The 29-year-old owns Abundant Life Doula Services, and also maintains a busy schedule as a musician, playing regularly at local venues such as Alta Coffee Warehouse & Restaurant and The Observatory. With a growing business, and buzz on her sophomore album, “Former Things,” Morton pursues her two passions—bringing babies and her music into the world.

Why’d you become a doula?
I am the oldest of six kids; I was 17 when my youngest sister was born. At her birth, I was like, “I want to do this!” It’s the most epic adrenaline rush of a miracle when you get to experience a human being born. It’s very alien, but it’s so freaking awesome.
Strangest part?
Well, this is superfreaky and weird—but I do placenta encapsulation [turning the placenta into edible capsules]. It’s becoming a lot more popular in Orange County.
Do the careers connect?
I get to do two amazing things I love: The midwifery earns the money, which supports the music. It’s how I could afford to do the album.
A track off “Former Things” recently was on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.”
I want a good community of musicians to play with, and to get my music in movies and TV shows.
Best show yet?
My House of Blues Anaheim show. The room was packed with pregnant women—I felt bad for the bartenders!


Hear Her!

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