Festival Of Children Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary

Head to South Coast Plaza for fun events and activities in September
Photo by Carla Rhea

Festival of Children kicked off its 17th anniversary with a celebration Aug. 29 at South Coast Plaza’s Garden Terrace. “It’s a fun evening all about celebrating our charities and the great work they do in our communities,” said the organization’s founder Sandy Segerstrom Daniels. With hits from artists such as Michael Jackson playing in the background, the terrace was completely transformed with painted carousel horses, red and white tables topped with roses, and a stage in the center of it all.


Henry DiCarlo, Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Susie and Dean Spanos; Photo by Carla Rhea


This year, the foundation created the Carousel Spirit Award, which recognized the Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos and his wife Susie Spanos for their charitable work in O.C. “As soon as they came into our community, they were out there getting to know people, not necessarily donating money everywhere, but they had players involved,” said Segerstrom Daniels. “You were seeing them everywhere—they were in schools, they were helping kids, and I know from hearing other stories that when they were in San Diego they were the exact same way.”

Every weekend during the month of September, which is National Child Awareness Month, the Festival of Children will host events and activities at South Coast Plaza’s Carousel Court, Jewel Court, and South Coast Plaza West. “We have a new aerial act and a jiujitsu group,” said Segerstrom Daniels. Perhaps most exciting, local group Voices of Hope Children’s Choir from “America’s Got Talent” will perform unless they win the show. Stay tuned!

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