Exquisite Food Photography: Bountiful

The White on Rice Couple’s cookbook doesn’t disappoint

At a book-signing at SEED in The Camp, for the anticipated release (we first wrote about it here) of culinary couple Todd Porter and Diane Cu’s cookbook, “Bountiful: Recipes Inspired by Our Garden,” what struck us most was not the food or recipes, but the couple’s exquisite food photography, and philosophy toward gardening and cooking. Whether discussing throwing a dinner party for friends, or how to photograph for a blog or cookbook, simple and approachable were key words of the night. Shot entirely in their home, the photos maintain a sense of authenticity, and this attention to detail highlights the produce from their garden beautifully.

The book offers 100 seasonal recipes, and is equal parts lifestyle book and cookbook, focussing on the importance of planting a garden that can give back. For more information, follow Todd and Diane on Twitter (@whiteonrice) and Instagram (@ToddPorter, @Diane Cu, #BountifulCookbook), www.whiteonricecouple.com

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