Check Out Films from Around the World at Fullerton’s Hibbleton Gallery

A chalkboard sign near the entrance to Fullerton’s Hibbleton Gallery reads, “Hibbleton’s Movies From Around the World.” Every week here, about a dozen film buffs gather for a screening. Movies are projected onto one of the gallery’s white walls, and enthusiastic hour-long discussions follow. Steve Elkins—a writer, musician, photographer, and documentary filmmaker—curates the series. The Chapman graduate draws inspiration from his travels. “When I finished college, I devoted about seven years to traveling, to learn more about different cultures.”

How’d you get this job?
The gallery owner asked me if I would run the projection room during the monthly Fullerton Art Walk, but I realized I’d prefer to create a sit-down event. I wanted to show stuff that was as thought-provoking as possible.

What kind of films do you screen?
We pick a theme. For example, documentaries on radical women in the arts. We’ve also started to focus on regions. We wanted to find countries we don’t hear about cinema coming from. Mongolia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Nigeria.

How does film encourage conversation?
It seems like film is a language that everyone speaks. Everyone watches movies routinely. You don’t see that as much with literature or painting.

Describe the discussions.
Sometimes they’re really vigorous debates. I think it’s interesting; there’s the movie itself, then there’s our own internal version of that movie. That’s what comes out in the conversation.

See it!
The free screenings take place Mondays at 8 p.m.


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