Calculate the Spa Math at the Redesigned Spa Gregorie’s

Say you want to get one of Spa Gregorie’s luxe massages—not cheap at $99 to $129 for 60 minutes.

Consider this: the newly-redesigned spa (calm colors, Tiffany-blue accents) now has a ton of free features that are included in your service. Think:

– 5- to 10-minute mini-meditations to get you fully relaxed before your massage or facial

– Aroma Sense Vitamin C shower heads, which reportedly eliminate 98 percent of the chlorine in the water, reduce water consumption by 25 percent, promote healthier skin and hair, and just plain smell divine.

– an infrared sauna—the detoxing, weight-loss trend du jour. We’ve scoped out memberships to the saunas and they run around $59 a month—but the infrared sauna at Spa Gregorie’s is free.

There’s even an award winning mood-boosting campaign going on: the spa won the International Spa Association’s “Innovate Award” for its Little Love Letters campaign, where patrons can write love notes on a scrap of paper and leave them on a board, stick them in a robe pocket, or hide them elsewhere throughout the spa, to brighten someone else’s day. Messages we saw included “you are loved” and “have a beautiful day.”

When you add up the benefits you reap while you’re in for one service, the math works pretty well, doesn’t it?

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