Cal State Fullerton Alum Meagan Holder on her Role in Fox TV’s New Series “Pitch”

meagan-holderThe actress credits Cal State Fullerton’s acclaimed theater program for helping her score a supporting role in “Pitch,” Fox TV’s new baseball-themed drama series. Now living in L.A., Holder still lunches with her mom at the Brea Mall, a cherished tradition from college days, because O.C. “just feels like home.”

Holder was a living room sensation by age 3. “I loved watching ‘I Love Lucy.’ It was my favorite TV show. I was in awe of how Lucille Ball could make people laugh.” The way her mom tells it, a young Holder was so enthralled by her idol’s antics, she would reenact some of Lucy’s more animated scenes in front of the family’s camcorder. “I trust my parents to keep those old VHS tapes hidden.”

Her college sorority experience came full circle during the making of the 2010 movie “You Again,” when Holder discovered that fellow actresses Cloris Leachman and Kristen Chenoweth were also part of the Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood.“We did the secret handshake—I can’t say what it is—right there on the set. That was so fun, yet so surreal.”

Holder applauds the strong female role models in “Pitch,” the fictional story of the first woman to play in the major leagues. “The general thought is that the players’ wives are arm candy, but my character, Evelyn, is credited for her husband’s successful career. I think overall it shows there are many strong women out there. None of us plays second fiddle to the men in our lives, which
I think is so great.”

Holder knew early on how she wanted to portray Evelyn. “I saw her as playful and fun, very
sure of herself. So I didn’t have any fear, and I went into the audition with that in mind.” That strategic play earned Holder a callback. “They told me later they’d scheduled me for the screen test because of how bold I’d been during the audition. It just goes to show that you have to be confident performing a part, have a vision in mind, and go for it. Just like Lucy.”

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