Ben Trigg on Peddling Poetry

The 37-year-old codirects Two Idiots Peddling Poetry—a weekly open-mic in downtown Orange. It’s the longest ongoing poetry reading in Orange County.

Why is your motto to “explore your idiocy, have fun, and take risks”?
Above all, we strive to be a supportive and safe place for readers and audience. We’re also a silly, irreverent, and sometimes inappropriate kind of place. The main thing is the level of geek content. Both of the hosts, and many of the audience members, are major geeks—so sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and obscure pop-culture references often make an appearance.

How many people show up on a typical night?
I’d say we range from 20 to 40. The most notable person to come out of our reading is Rachel McKibbens. She’s big on a national level, but she started with us.

What would be your advice to poets who are reluctant to read at an open-mic?
I’d recommend going to a reading at least once without getting on stage to get a feel for the place. Keep in mind that no one ever died from reading a poem.

Readings are at 8 p.m. Wednesday at The Ugly Mug cafe, 261 N. Glassell Ave., Orange,

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