Rock Band Adam’s Attic Is a Hot Entry To Orange County’s Rock Scene

Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

The musicians of Adam’s Attic left New Orleans for O.C. after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, and lost no time winning new fans. The band launched its “Can Anybody Hear Me” album at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and has landed a Dec. 13 gig at the Anaheim Packing District. Lead singer Joe Henry, foreground, compares the Big Easy and the Big Orange.

After Katrina, we didn’t have anything to lose. I think we were shackled to all the things we thought were our life, and when that got washed away, it gave us clarity. My mom and the whole family said, “We’ve been talking about it. Let’s go.”

I love the culture in New Orleans. The food and the people are amazing—the whole Southern hospitality. But with it came a small-town feel. When I graduated in nearby Belle Chasse, there were 88 kids in my class. In New Orleans, I was the only Filipino person I knew. Here, I’m one of many.

As a child, I remember my dad [a Navy officer] going on a six-month tour overseas. We wrote a song about it called “Autumn.” It ended up with the Armed Forces Entertainment division at the Pentagon, and they were moved by it. They said, “Would you like to go overseas and play this song to the troops?” I said, “Are you kidding? We’d be honored.”

There’s a difference in Southern food here. Many places are health-conscious; they’re organic. In New Orleans, they’re not like that, and when I go home, it’s a little too salty. But mom makes a chicken sausage gumbo that is absolutely amazing.

After we moved out here, we met the Bayou Boyz, five guys who all went to Louisiana State University. One day, one of them said, “We’re missing some crawfish and that Abita beer from New Orleans. I’m going to call my buddies and have them ship me some.” Now it’s an annual thing they host at the Newport Dunes, and they have our band play at it, and they ship in 300 pounds of crawfish. It’s old school: They stir the jambalaya with a boat oar.

It’s for the single on the new album called “Silver Moon,” a fun, upbeat, quirky song. It’s about living in the moment, and we wanted to be on location somewhere that represented California so we went to Crystal Cove. We were able to sneak in and get all our gear there. The producer wanted it shot as the sun went down. So basically we had 20 minutes.

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