Ask the Author: Sara Forte

Dana Point’s Sara Forte started her “Sprouted Kitchen” blog in 2009 with photographer husband Hugh, not envisioning a book by the same name—or its 2013 James Beard nomination.

What’s changed since the book came out?
Treating food writing as my career. We started the blog as a hobby.

Did the Beard nomination surprise you?
It makes me feel so good—like someone is listening.

What do readers get from your work?
A passion for health—eating real foods in an era of convenience, and simple recipes, not necessarily “dietetic,” but always wholesome.

Sprouted Kitchen has cocktails, too …
I like my drinks barely sweet with a touch of produce—a recent favorite is strawberries, fresh grapefruit juice, mint, soda water, and gin.

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue.

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