Answer Man: What’s with all those peacocks at Irvine Regional Park?

In 1910, Albert A. Leake became superintendent of the new Marcy Ranch, headquartered near Newport Avenue and Marcy Drive, north of Tustin. He maintained the citrus and avocado trees, cattle, and buildings, and also a park that he kept stocked with swans and peafowl. The descendants of the peafowl were still around in the 1960s, finding shelter in the stables at the adjacent Peacock Hill Riding Club. When the club evolved into the Peacock Hill Equestrian Center and moved to Irvine Regional Park in 1980, owners Bill and Kathy Warne brought the noisy birds with them. In 1987, about 24 of them called the park home. Now there are between 30 and 50. “They’re pretty,” says the equestrian center’s owner, Robin Bisogno, “but there are way too many of them.” She politely ignores offers of peafowl recipes, but suggests it might be possible for people to adopt them. If you want some large, loud, dumb-but-beautiful birds, this could be your chance.

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