5 Things We Love About Black Tap, The Newest Addition to Downtown Disney

Photos by Michelle Pagaran

Black Tap is known for its award-winning craft burgers, craft beer, and over-the-top milkshakes. The New York-based eatery, which has locations worldwide, recently opened its first California location at Downtown Disney District in Anaheim.

“Disneyland has been a special place for my family,” says owner and restaurateur Chris Barish. “Not only because I’ve taken my 10 and a half year old daughter there multiple times. My parents spent one of the days of their honeymoon at Disneyland. So, it’s a really special place. … Partnering with a company like Disney is something that every restaurateur dreams of.” 

Here are 5 things to love about Black Tap in Anaheim:

1 The Vibe
We try to keep this downtown, cool vibe which I think comes through a little bit in our music where we play ’80s pop and some ’90s hip hop,” says Barish. “We feel like we bring a part of downtown SoHo to everywhere we go.”

On top of the curated playlist, the location also features vibrant murals by street artist Jason Woodside that compliments the black and white interior color scheme. It’s also very spacious with over 125 indoor seats and 60 outdoor seats.

2 The “CrazyShakes”
Both Instagram-worthy and down-right delicious, the over-the-top milkshakes ($15 to $17) is definitely a must at Black Tap. But, they weren’t always on the menu.

The first restaurant in SoHo was a 15 seat, countertop-style restaurant where the guests could see everything going on,” says Barish. “The team members were playing around with different combinations and they made this over-the-top cotton candy shake. In this day and age, people started going around and taking pictures (of it) and posting. One day I went down to check on the restaurant and there were lines down the block. Fortunately, they continued (to play around with combinations) and we went from one CrazyShake to about 9 permanent CrazyShakes on the menu. It’s amazing to see the kids’ reaction (to the shakes), but it’s also amazing to see the parents’ and grandparents’ reaction. It’s multigenerational.”

We love the Anaheim-exclusive Strawberry Shortcake shake with a vanilla frosted and crumbled cake rim, a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, a twisty lollipop, whipped cream, strawberry drizzle, and of course, a cherry on top.

3 The Food
Don’t miss the award-winning and inventive craft burgers such as the Greg Norman wagyu burger ($20) and the Texan burger with bacon, aged cheddar, and a large crispy onion ring ($19). Pair them with sides such as crispy brussels sprouts with sesame-tahini ($8) and fried pickles with house buttermilk-dill ($9). There’s plenty to choose from on the robust menu.

4 The Beer
With the name “Black Tap” being a nod to the craft beer handle, you can expect a wide selection of popular and local craft beers.

5 The Shake Window
Arguably the best and most unique part about this location is that you can grab your shakes to-go from the shake window to enjoy in the parks.

Black Tap
1540 S. Disneyland Drive

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