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How food blogger Kruti Shah of Buena Park used Instagram to help recover...

Kruti's Instagram page now has over 43,000 followers. (@cultivatewithkruti)

What it’s like to earn an MBA side-by-side: Mother acts as son’s aide after...

Chapman awarded Judy a surprise honorary MBA at her son's graduation in June.

How Simone Tipton of Silverado found the perfect pet for her daughter, Scarlette, who...

She immediately understood that Doc was just like her.


How the Pandemic Changed the Way I Feel About Milestone Birthdays

A shift in perspective makes for a more meaningful, but quiet, celebration.

November Holiday Events in Orange County

’Tis the season! Thanksgiving and other holidays are just around the corner and Orange County’s calendar is filled with plenty of events for the family to enjoy.

Your Travel Guide to Martha’s Vineyard

Laid-back and lovely, bustling yet bucolic, this island offers plenty for everyone.

The Laguna Hills Owner of Sweet Party Treats and The Sweets Ranch

Rachele Sweetser juggles two unique businesses—a red-carpet cookie company called Sweets Party Treats and a mobile petting zoo known as The Sweets Ranch.

A Washing Machine Meltdown Proves New Doesn’t Always Mean Better [Essay]

"I was beginning to feel like the crazy lady they had to be nice to. Just humor her, and she’ll be OK."

Halloween Events in Orange County

Fall is the time to share with friends and family and have a spooktacular time. Here are some events that will have you in for treat.



Best Restaurants 2017!

What a golden era for those who love restaurants. Our options are more vibrant than ever and growing by the week.