UC Irvine Sophomore Keeps Magic Alive as President of Anteater Quidditch

Photo credit: Mariah Tauger

UC Irvine sophomore Kobe Kendall keeps the magic alive as president of Anteater Quidditch, based on the fictional sport in the “Harry Potter” series.

“There are six players per team, three hoops (goals), a slightly deflated volleyball (quaffle), three dodgeballs (bludgers), and the snitch is a person wearing golden shorts.

“In high school, I did cross country, soccer, swim, baseball, and rock climbing. Now people are starting to see quidditch as a real sport.

“The game is different from when it started 13 years ago. In the past, players had wooden brooms with real bristles. Now we use PVC pipes, but they still add a level of difficulty.

“The sport is competitive, but people call Anteaters the “Sweethearts of the West.” There’s a mentality that I love: Be fair and nice to everyone.

“There is a quidditch world cup. There were 29 countries represented last summer in Florence, Italy. Team USA won.”

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