Recent Orange County Transplant Selena Gomez Enjoys Life Away from ‘Claustrophobic’ LA

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Selena Gomez, the pop singer, actress, TV producer, and fashion icon, recently declared that she’s on a journey toward simplicity and self-discovery. She quietly moved to Orange County last year, gave herself time to complete the follow-up to her hit 2015 album “Revival,” and began exploring new philanthropic interests. Here are a few other things to know about the former Disney Channel star.

She’s the queen of Instagram.

The most-followed woman on the app, Gomez shares the “highlights and a few lowlights” of her life with more than 140 million fans. One of her posts is among the app’s Top 20 all-time most liked: a photo taken in 2017 as she recovered from a kidney transplant, holding hands with the friend (actress Francia Raisa) who donated her organ to the star diagnosed with lupus. “She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice,” captioned Gomez.

She works with A21, a nonprofit in Costa Mesa.

The organization seeks to end worldwide human trafficking. As an unpaid intern, Gomez went through an orientation, got an email address and key to the office, and worked five days a week. She even frequented the A21 workers’ hangout—“It’s our Central Perk,”
she told Elle magazine in October.

CHOC invited her to prom.

Last June, she dropped in at Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s annual Oncology Prom, posed for selfies, and joked around with teenagers and young adults in treatment for cancer, as well as post-treatment survivors. An exuberant Gomez revved up a prom-goer in the photo booth with prompts for goofy faces: “That’s so good!” “Now, which one should we do? Like a thumbs-up?”

She’s a force behind the scenes of “13 Reasons Why.”

The controversial Netflix teen drama centers on a female high school student whose puzzling suicide is explained by a box of tapes she leaves behind. An executive producer, Gomez has called the show a “passion project,” and she contributed “Back to You,” a moody love song used in the Season 2 finale. The third season is scheduled to premiere this year.

Her style is cozy-chic.

The 26-year-old A-list fashionista has collaborated with Coach on a capsule collection, starred in an ad campaign for Louis Vuitton, and is frequently photographed in designer gowns with five-figure price tags, but she’s also a sucker for slouchy, comfortable clothes. Often seen stepping out in loungewear and heels, Gomez recently designed a collection for Puma and says her stylist pokes fun at her preference for the youthful, bohemian label Free People.

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