Q&A With BrunchCon Founder And Chapman Alum Sarelyn Radecke

BrunchCon founder and Chapman alum Sarelyn Radecke has created a millennial mimosa paradise.

Photograph by Ralph Palumbo

What exactly is BrunchCon?

It’s a food festival with a Sunday Funday vibe. You can try brunch food from different restaurants, and there’s alcohol, games, photos, and a VIP lounge. This is our third year, and we now have events in eight cities, including Los Angeles.

How did you come up with the idea?

I studied screenwriting and public relations-advertising at Chapman (Class of ’13), and I ended up working at Eventbrite. After my contract ended, I decided to build a company that provides fun experiences for millennials. I noticed that a lot of the events for people my age were put on by people in their 40s and 50s, and there was a disconnect. I also wanted it to be a marketing opportunity for restaurants.

Why are millennials so in to brunch?

I think as we get older, we are not going to church as much. This is our way of getting together communally and talking about our week. It’s a unifying meal, and there’s not a time limit on it—you could go all day!

What surprised you most about the logistics of planning events on this scale?

The science of line management is vastly underrated. For a food festival, lines are inevitable, but we’ve been experimenting with ways to get people their food quickly and also keep them from thinking about the line by making sure they have drinks in their hands.

Will O.C. get a BrunchCon next year?

That’s not in the works, but we are planning to host a brunch crawl in Orange County soon, like a bar crawl with deals on food.

Check it out!
BrunchCon is Aug. 5 at The Reef in L.A. brunchcon.com

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