New Exhibit at Heroes Hall Museum in Costa Mesa Celebrates African Americans in World War II

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

A new exhibit at the veteran’s museum at the OC Fair & Event Center features artifacts, photographs, and oral histories highlighting some of the extraordinary achievements and challenges of African Americans during World War II. According to museum supervisor Carol Singleton, the exhibit, which was produced by the National WWII Museum and is on display through Sept. 18, “tells the story of the sacrifices and struggles that African Americans faced during WWII in the armed forces and on the homefront.” Open Wednesday through Sunday, the Heroes Hall Museum has free admission.

African American men and women who served during World War II

Number of African Americans killed in race riots during the war

Year President Truman issued an executive order integrating the armed forces

Year the first Black WWII soldiers finally received the Medal of Honor

Artifacts on display, including a Medal of Honor donated by the family of Edward Carter

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