Dana Point Resident Luis Angel is a Memory Master

He has competed at the World Memory Championships and won $100,000 on Fox’s game show “Superhuman.”
Memory master and Dana Point resident Luis Angel. Photo credit: Priscilla Iezzi

What made you want to become a memory master?
I was diagnosed with ADD and flunked out of college. At work for DirecTV, I kept forgetting my tools and was on the verge of losing my job. I attributed these things to having a bad memory and knew I needed to change.

How did you do it?
I completed memory master Ron White’s monthlong course within three days. I turn numbers, names, and faces into an image and a story. For example, I’ll attach random names to strangers. There’s Bob, who has a bald head, or Susan, who is snoozing.

What are some of your accomplishments?
At competitions, I’ve memorized a deck of cards in less than two minutes and recalled 200 binary digits in less than five minutes. I coached a team of students for the USA Memory Competition, and they won gold.

Who were your competitors on “Superhuman”?
I competed against my mentor, Ron White, who memorized 15 phone numbers, and Yusnier (Viera), a math wizard who could add numbers in sequence extremely quickly. There was also Brandee (Mills), a contortionist who memorized a maze, which she had to go through blindfolded.

What did you do on the show?
I had to memorize the first names, last initials, hometowns, states, and features of more than 100 audience members. Then (host) Kal Penn flashed random audience members’ faces and facts about them up on a big screen. I got 100 percent of them correct. The audience voted for the winner, and I got the most votes.

Try It!
Find Luis Angel’s memory program at aemind.com.

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