Dana Point Film Festival Launches Inaugural Oceans Film Festival

From May 4 through 7, the film festival will celebrate documentary filmmaking dedicated to marine life and ocean conservation.
Photographs Courtesy of Dana Point Film Festival

The Dana Point Film Festival (DPFF) announced this month that it will hold the inaugural Oceans Film Festival. The festival is dedicated to filmmaking featuring marine life, ocean health, and the human relationship with the ocean. This year’s DPFF will be held on May 4 through 7 and feature documentary films that focus on conservation, preservation, education, and ocean adventure, as well as big wave surf films. 

Among the featured films is the premiere of “Birth of Endless Summer,” which documents the origins of the surf manufacturing and publishing industry from the perspective of a group of surfers known as the Dana Point Mafia, who recognized the beauty and potential of Dana Point. 

The Dana Point Film Festival will also host the DPFF Speaker Series, bringing filmmakers, oceanographers, and conversationists together alongside ocean industry leaders in order to educate the public. There will also be an Ocean Art Exhibit in the Lantern District to showcase the works of some international and local artists. 

Screenings and events will be held at locations throughout Dana Point, including Dana Point Parks, Dana Point Community Center, and more.  

For more information, visit danapointfilmfestival.org.