Tilly’s Life Center Helps Teens And Young Adults Reach Their Full Potential

Photograph by Ralph Palumbo

Though she’s known as the co-founder of the Tillys retail empire, the Dana Point resident has also spent the past few years developing Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) to fulfill her dream of improving the mental health of teens and young adults. The nonprofit partners with schools, colleges, and hospitals to provide courses that urge young adults to participate in support groups, practice journaling, and develop the tools they need to “handle their challenges without becoming victims of their circumstances, and acquire a positive mindset,” Levine says.

Minutes that high school students meet per week to participate in the program

High schools that partner with Tilly’s Life Center

Levine’s age when she co-founded Tillys with then-husband Hezy Shaked

Percentage of O.C. youth who report needing mental-health help

Money raised at last year’s “I Am Giving” gala benefiting TLC

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