In the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, 17-year-old Hyang Soon Seo was the first South Korean archer to win a gold medal. She became a household name in the country that has since dominated the sport. Now the Irvine resident teaches archery to students at her HSS Sports Academy. “I saw that their focus started to improve, and they started doing better in their studies,” she says. “I wanted to help them improve their mental strength.” Most of her students started as beginners and have achieved national ranking over the years.

Age when she started archery at the suggestion of a physical-education teacher

Her rank in South Korea before the Olympics. Her gold medal victory was an upset.

Gold medals won by South Korean archers to date, far more than any other nation

Year she immigrated to the U.S.

Meters from her to the target, which is 1.22 meters wide

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