Bubble Artist Harry Jung and His Pop-Up Bubble Playground in Buena Park

I’m the most famous bubble artist in South Korea. For the past 10 years, I’ve had sold-out shows, and I even created a musical, “Bubble Lake,” using 2 tons of bubble solution.”

“After my first three months of creating bubble art, I was on the Korean show “Star King,” which is similar to ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and won three episodes.”

“I’m married and have two sons in South Korea. I want to bring my family to the U.S. and build a permanent bubble center called Harry’s Bubble Performance Center.”

“The bubble is really a science. It’s not a magic trick. I had to study the bubble and try to figure out its principles. It’s a very sensitive material.”

“Being a bubble artist is a blessed job. A child stops crying when he sees bubbles. There is a charm that pleases the minds of people, regardless of age or gender.”

Note: The Bubble Playground pop-up has now closed.

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