Bristol Farms Newfound Market Introduces New Concept at the Irvine Spectrum

It’s being touted as a food hall and a grocery store rolled into one.
Bristol Farms Newfound Market Irvine Spectrum Center Grand Opening
Inside the grocery side of Bristol Farms Newfound Market at the Irvine Spectrum Center. The food hall is toward the back.

Photo courtesy Jordan Poblete.

Irvine Spectrum Center’s newest tenant is Bristol Farms’ new concept known as Newfound Market that combines a food hall with their signature grocery market.

“It’s the next iteration of the Bristol Farms brand,” says Bristol Farms CEO Adam Caldecott about their newest location which takes up a vacant building on the east side of the Irvine Company-owned retail center.

“We want it to be a foodie destination for the City of Irvine and Southern California.”

To do that, Bristol Farms took the 34,000 square-foot building and separated it into two areas: a food hall with seven of its own chef-created restaurant brands, and a grocery market modeled after their existing location in Newport Beach.

Bristol Farms Newfound Market Irvine Spectrum Center Grand Opening Food Hall
The entrance to the food hall, just right off the market.

Photo by Jordan Poblete.

The food hall’s offerings are served in quick-service style, allowing guests to order from restaurants such as a full-service artisan pizzeria and enjoy their meals right inside. “Everything we do is about taste,” says Caldecott. “That’s what makes us different.” The dishes offered are made using local and global ingredients that also can be purchased in the store. 

“COVID drove a lot of people to grocery stores, but with the pandemic now waning, people want to go to places and enjoy themselves over a good meal and with good company,” says Caldecott. “We hope that our new market will make space for that.”

Bristol Farms Newfound Market will open at the Irvine Spectrum Center on March 17.

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