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‘Top Chef’ Week 5 Recap—O.C.’s Shirley Chung Remains in the Game

Last night was a fairly uneventful “Top Chef” week 5, meaning O.C.’s Shirley Chung survived to stay in the game, but didn’t win...

‘Top Chef’ Week 13 Recap—Habanero and Hoja Santa

As of last week, Shirley Chung is solidly ensconced in the “Top Chef” Season 14 final three. Sheldon Simeon and Brooke Williamson bring comparable skills...

Favorite Seafood Dishes of a Few of Orange County’s Top Chefs

We asked three O.C. chefs whose seafood dishes they can’t get enough of.

‘Top Chef’ Week 2 Recap: For Shirley, It’s So Far, So Good

About last night’s “Top Chef,” first things first: Orange County’s Shirley Chung cruised without scrutiny from the judges into next week.

‘Top Chef’ Week 4 Recap—Is Shirley Chung Back on Track?

Right out of the box, literally, it was semi-happy holidays on last night’s “Top Chef,” when cheftestants were given large, gift-...

‘Top Chef’ Carla Hall demonstrates love, and more, at the fair

Among Bravo TV “Top Chef” alumni, Carla Hall, who demonstrated her signature chicken pot pie at the Orange County Fair Thursday, has to be the most beloved. As a finalist in Season 5 of regular “Top Chef,” and fan favorite in the most recent “Top Chef All-Stars,” she showed herself as the calm center of what was often swirling negativity, never failing to remind that cooking should be entered into with love, or not at all. She is fond of saying “If you aren’t in a good mood, the only thing you should make is reservations,” which always reminds me of Laura Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate” (Doubleday, 1989), where cooking with a bad attitude triggers dire, if darkly comic, consequences.

‘Top Chef’ Episode 4 Tonight, Maybe Vaca on Boxing Day? (UPDATED)

Talk about nerve-wracking. As season 13 of “Top Chef” rolls on, our own cheftestant Amar Santana is simultaneously stewarding his South Coast Plaza-adjacent Vaca...

Amar Santana Misses ‘Top Chef’ by One—and That’s Not All Bad

You’ve probably heard the disappointing news by now—Amar Santana didn’t win “Top Chef.” Not for lack of incredible cooking, that’s for sure. I chatted...

Will Amar Santana Exit Purgatory and Ascend to ‘Top Chef’ Heaven? (UPDATED)

Is it the end of the “Top Chef” road trip for Orange County’s Amar Santana? He was eliminated in a controversial sudden-death Quickfire over...