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O.C. Answer Man: When Was Orange County’s First Jail Built?

Which jewelry store, which still stands on E. Fourth Street in Santa Ana, rented its basement for this purpose?

O.C. Answer Man: Is the City of Santa Ana named for General Santa Anna...

How did one of Orange County's biggest cities get its name?

O.C. Answer Man: Any sign of werewolves in Orange County?

Unlikely, but the most famous one died here. Lon Chaney Jr., the man who played the title role in “The Wolf Man” (1941).

O.C. Answer Man: Any notable bank robberies in Orange County history?

One real doozy comes to mind, according to local historian and Dana Point Mayor Carlos N. Olvera and involved a notorious labor leader.

O.C. Answer Man: Where Did Our County’s Logo Come From?

That circle with three oranges in the foreground? It’s a mystery. The earliest known appearance is on a 1948 book of county ordinances.

O.C. Answer Man: What Food Best Personifies Orange County?

As a traditionalist, I’d like to point to classics such as Cordelia Knott’s boysenberry pie. But these days, perhaps nothing reflects us as well as Dos Chinos.
orange juice

O.C. Answer Man: Did Orange County invent orange juice?

What role did Orange County play in the popularization of orange juice as a breakfast staple?

O.C. Answer Man: How did UC Irvine end up with an anteater mascot?

A statue of UC Irvine's Mascot, the Anteater can be found in front of the Bren Events Center on UC Irvine's campus. Where did the idea come from?

O.C. Answer Man: Do walnut trees grow well in O.C.?

Like gangbusters, and our seemingly citrus-centric county once was among America’s biggest walnut-producing regions. (At various times, the county was a leading producer of...

O.C. Answer Man: Why is Styrofoam a sore subject in Aliso Viejo?

The City of Aliso Viejo was set to ban polystyrene (Styrofoam) cups and food packaging in early 2004 after learning it was manufactured using...