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O.C. Answer Man: How far back does John Wayne’s O.C. connection go?

Orange County screwed him up so badly, he had to become an actor. In November 1926, USC football player Marion “Duke” Morrison seriously injured...

O.C. Answer Man: Do walnut trees grow well in O.C.?

Like gangbusters, and our seemingly citrus-centric county once was among America’s biggest walnut-producing regions. (At various times, the county was a leading producer of...

O.C.’s Saturated Food-Truck Market

Q: Any advice on how to stand out in O.C.’s saturated food-truck market? A: The gourmet food truck craze gets several things right: clean trucks, friendly service, changing menus, and quality ingredients. Stick to those. But fusion and freak-show cuisine has been done to death. (Who thought Asian tacos would so quickly go from novelty to cliche?) Surprise everyone by making well-executed versions of foods everyone loves. For instance, if you’re going to make pizza, don’t make a tofu faux-pork-belly pizza with Assyrian woodchuck cheese, seaweed, and kumquat sauce on a wheatless crust. Just make the best possible version of the traditional kind. 

O.C. Answer Man: Orange County was named for its orange groves, right?

Oranges were exotic curiosities to most Americans, who were lucky to get one a year in their Christmas stocking.

Answer Man: Whatever happened to Monkey Island in La Habra?

After World War II, citrus grower F. Dewey Lockman created a lake with an island in its center near the northeast corner of Imperial Highway and Idaho Street.

Answer Man: How does one spot fellow Orange County residents when traveling?

The Answer Man rarely ventures outside this paradise, so he doesn’t know firsthand. But reliable sources tell him the key is “nice” casual clothing....

What was at the fairgrounds before the OC Fair arrived?

The Orange County Fair has been kicking around in one form or another since 1890. But it didn’t have a permanent home until the...

O.C. Answer Man: Who is the most prolific procreator in Orange County?

You might be tempted to say the record belongs to Fullerton native and former La Habra resident Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and her 14 children....

O.C. Answer Man: Do lawyers really outnumber cattle in O.C.?

True, though it wasn’t always so. The missionaries began raising cattle here for hides and tallow in the 1770s, and the hungry miners of...

O.C. Answer Man: How did Black Star Canyon get its name?

Black Star Canyon has a reputation for being haunted and plays host to some spectacular hikes but how did it get its name?