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O.C. Answer Man: White swallows at Mission San Juan Capistrano?

Q: Grandma is certain she saw white swallows at Mission San Juan. White swallows?

O.C. Answer Man: Do we have Nessie-type lake monsters?

Are there any Nessie-like lake monsters living in any of the man-made or natural lakes in Orange County?

O.C. Answer Man: How long have gondolas been plying the waters of Newport Harbor?

How did the idea of having gondolas in Newport Beach first come about and when did it start? The O.C. Answer Man explains in this month's issue of Orange Coast magazine.

O.C. Answer Man: What’s Orange County’s Smallest City?

The community frequently makes Money magazine’s national list of “Best Places to Live.”

O.C. Answer Man: What Are the Strangest Animals Native to Orange County?

Not counting the two-legged kind? O.C. Answer Man investigates another trivia question from readers.

O.C. Answer Man: Was Orange County Ever a Wine Region?

Many wineries exist in Orange County today but was it ever a wine region?

O.C. Answer Man: How’s Orange County doing with water conservation?

How is Orange County doing since California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered statewide mandatory water usage reduction for residents and businesses?

O.C. Answer Man: Could those be Disneyland fireworks I’m hearing in South O.C.?

The O.C. Answer Man answers a question about the firework-like noises sometimes heard in South O.C.

OC Answer Man: My professor says Orange County isn’t very diverse. Why?

OC Answer Man tackles another question from the public. This time about the diversity of Orange County.

O.C. Answer Man: How did Black Star Canyon get its name?

Black Star Canyon has a reputation for being haunted and plays host to some spectacular hikes but how did it get its name?