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O.C. Answer Man: Any sign of werewolves in Orange County?

Unlikely, but the most famous one died here. Lon Chaney Jr., the man who played the title role in “The Wolf Man” (1941).

Answer Man: What’s the origin of the Balboa Island Ferry?

In the early 1900s, real estate developers underwrote temporary ferry services from Balboa (the end of the trolley line from L.A.) to the subdivisions around Newport Bay.

O.C. Answer Man: How far back does John Wayne’s O.C. connection go?

Orange County screwed him up so badly, he had to become an actor. In November 1926, USC football player Marion “Duke” Morrison seriously injured...

Answer Man: Whatever happened to Monkey Island in La Habra?

After World War II, citrus grower F. Dewey Lockman created a lake with an island in its center near the northeast corner of Imperial Highway and Idaho Street.

O.C. Answer Man: Is the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana haunted?

I’ve worked there for 15 years and never experienced anything strange. But there’s a story. The county’s first courthouse (1901) now houses the Old...

OC Answer Man: What’s the strangest Disney attraction ever?

There have been some doozies, including the Bathroom of Tomorrow and a cow with Mickey Mouse-shaped spots. But it’s hard to top the high...

O.C. Answer Man: Rodeos, Goat Hill, The OC

Q: Were rodeos ever held in Orange County? A: There have been contests of skill among cowboys ever since vaqueros tended the herds of Mission San Juan Capistrano. In the rancho era, rodeos were a regular thing, and that continues today.

Answer Man: How does one spot fellow Orange County residents when traveling?

The Answer Man rarely ventures outside this paradise, so he doesn’t know firsthand. But reliable sources tell him the key is “nice” casual clothing....

O.C. Answer Man: Do walnut trees grow well in O.C.?

Like gangbusters, and our seemingly citrus-centric county once was among America’s biggest walnut-producing regions. (At various times, the county was a leading producer of...

O.C. Answer Man: Why is Little Saigon Centered in Westminster?

After Saigon fell in 1975, Camp Pendleton had the first U.S. reception center for refugees. Families and religious groups in nearby Orange County sponsored...