Orange County United Way


Doing More for Our Community

Orange County United Way is dedicated to providing solutions to the most pressing challenges in our community. We help struggling students graduate and prepare for career success, provide access to healthy food and healthcare, create pathways to close the poverty gap, and provide access to stable housing to prevent future homelessness.

We understand that our community’s critical issues are interconnected, and we believe that tackling them with a holistic approach will result in substantial and sustainable change.

Last year we served 765,556 people – that’s 1 in 4 of our OC residents – delivering 50+ programs in education, health, housing and financial stability.

To ensure that all children are successful in school and beyond, we must do more.

They need access to healthier food and stable homes to excel, and simply assisting residents to find jobs may not be enough. We must also do more to ensure parents can earn a sustainable living wage to support a family in Orange County.

Doing More is only possible with your help. Get involved today!


We envision an Orange County where every person receives a quality education, is financially stable, is healthy and thriving, and has a place to call home.


When you contribute to United Way, your gift makes a difference right here in our community. When you volunteer, your involvement has the power to transform local lives.

18012 Mitchell South Irvine, CA 92614 P. 949.660.7600