This Danish Home Store Brings Bright Colors and Fun to Costa Mesa

You won’t find Hay in major cities. Instead, the company looks for up-and-coming places in the design scene, which is why it selected the location at SOCO, open since November. From striped mugs and pillows to yellow bowls, Hay’s colorful products will make you smile—and that’s the point. “Colors are meant to be fun. If grabbing a pink sponge brightens your day by 1 percent, that’s what matters,” general manager Kevin Goodman says. “Everything at Hay is about adding a little bit of happiness to your life.”

Photo by Tim Melideo


1.  ART // “This is one of the most popular prints we sell. It’s
by a really awesome Canadian graphic artist named Geoff McFetridge.” $50

2. TREE TRUNK VASE // “This vase is hand-painted. If you take a close look, you can see the brushstrokes.” $125

3. SOLID OAK TABLE // “The table is natural wood without a lot of staining. It’s meant to age with you and stick around forever.” $1,995

4. PLATES // Throw a bunch of fun colors together and make your own color scheme!” $15 to $20

5. CHAIR // Designed by Børge Mogensen in the 1940s, $445

3303 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa

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