Taco Tuesday at Who Song and Larry’s is an Homage to Pork

Editor’s note: Who Song and Larry’s closed March 2017

It’s the juiciest Taco Tuesday in town. And it starts with a pig in a box. Only Who Song and Larry’s upholds its devotion to this special day by slow-cooking a whole pig in the ultimate chef’s toy, a La Caja China roasting box. Executive corporate chef Johannes Bernau spearheads the porcine scheme that takes days to execute. A special order from West Coast Prime Meats, the cleaned 50- to 70-pound pig marinates for five days in a blend of salt, pepper, garlic, lemon, cilantro, and chile guajillo. Early Tuesday morning, it’s tied belly side up and covered with a grid piled with mesquite charcoal. During the final roasting hour, the pig is flipped and the skin is scored so it gets delightfully crispy in the box’s residual heat. From the farm to your tortilla in six days. Craving some variety? Bountiful options include spicy chorizo, beef brisket with bacon, and smoked chicken. Customize your tacos with a dizzying array of possibilities, from spicy slaw to cotija cheese. Bernau’s advice? “Ask for an all-skin taco for the richest chicharrones you’ll ever taste. I try to eat at least one a week.”

Who Song & Larry's Taco Tuesday spread.
Who Song & Larry’s Taco Tuesday spread. Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

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