Here’s Which Restaurant Trends Are Coming — and Dying — in Orange County

Jackfruit sliders from Seabirds Kitchen; Photo by Mariah Tauger


Needle-free shots Expect more add-ins such as nutra-bombs (buckthorn, chia seeds) and curative spices (turmeric, cayenne).

Gentler booze Bars are getting creative with vermouths, bitters, liqueurs, and amaros for low-buzz cocktails that complement more foods.

Faux meat Everyone from White Castle to Malibu Farm offers sandwiches with plant-based Impossible Burgers, so players such as Beyond Meat will have competition in restaurant kitchens and soon grocery aisles.

Sour power Think more sour beers, fermented ingredients, and naturally sour herbs.

Udderless milk Oat, almond, and flax milks aren’t just for coffee and smoothies; they’re in cocktails, too.


Single-use plastic Straws, lids, and foam containers are the new plastic bags.

Foie gras Because the U.S. Supreme Court declined in January to hear a challenge, California’s ban on fattened goose liver is again the rule of the state.

Juice cleanses Keto, paleo, and vegan protocols are stealing attention from “toxin-flushing” liquid diets.

Free parking Plenty of no-cost spots remain, but endless development is squeezing the supply into a seller’s market.

Kale Kale fatigue is real, and it’s making room for collard, beet, mustard, and dandelion greens.

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