Uprising O.C.’s Signature Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

The signature burnt Basque cheesecake from Uprising O.C. is a rebellious take on the traditional cheesecake—baked at a higher heat and for a much shorter time. This yields a characteristic caramelized surface and a light, smooth texture you’ll crave for days. Order a whole cake for $50 (feeds eight to 16) and expect a personal delivery by chef Joshua Lozano. This month, he launched a beer collaboration with Huntington Beach-based Riip Beer Company inspired by his signature item featuring graham crackers and caramelized lemons.


5 Questions with Chef-Owner Joshua Lozano

What inspired you to start making this type of cheesecake?
It began as a total accident; I have always been very curious and hungry to try new recipes. When my family proposed to me that they wanted cheesecake for dessert one night, I saw it as a perfect excuse to try something new. This type of cheesecake was very appealing to me because it is the exact opposite way I have always been taught to make a cheesecake. Typically to make one it is cooked low and slow in a Bane Marie and with our original rebel cheesecake it is cooked very hot and very fast. This is how you achieve such deep caramelization and the creaminess inside.

What is the price range for your cheesecakes?
If you order from us, it is $50 for a 10” cheesecake. It can feed anywhere from 8-16 people depending on your portion size. We are working on some wholesale accounts and perhaps offering different sizes for people. 

What other items do you offer?
We offer a hyper-seasonal treat menu which can range from cookies and panna cotta to cakes and pies. Our menu currently is very limited being a one-man operation and is hyper-seasonal because I get my ingredients from the local farmers markets each week. 

What’s the best way for people to order?
Currently, until our website is up and running we are taking orders through direct messaging on Instagram and payment through Venmo. 

What’s next?
We are looking at a place to call home in Santa Ana. So, until then we are delivering all over Southern California from deep in the Inland Empire to East Los Angeles and everything in between.


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