Trilux vs Vinturi

What to get for the wino who has everything? How about a new aerator? I love the Vinturi but there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called the Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator ($39) and while I’m not convinced it floods wine with air as quickly as the Vinturi, there are a couple things I really like about it.

First, it works for red or white wine, second, it has a wide bowl. You don’t have to aim it so carefully. (Really great feature after about three glasses of wine!) That bowl makes it fit atop any carafe so you’re not juggling the bottle and the aerator. It also fits any wine glass. (I call this the instant gratification feature.) It even fits my fat boy California Cabernet Riedel Vinum Series glass. That one is huge.

You will really like the Trilux if you like buying local—the company is based in Costa Mesa—and if you think the Vinturi overdoes it with the aeration. The Trilux has different settings. You just twist it gently for one of three volumes of air. But don’t take my word for it. Have your own smackdown, test it against the Vinturi and see which one you like better. I know that I will keep both of these products and use them at different times.

I also must tell you about a new Vinturi goodie. If you’ve got the red wine aerator, the white wine one, and the tower, its gorgeous stand, you still don’t have it all. Now there’s a Vinturi for spirits ($39.95). In my nonscientific testing I found that it is most effective with whiskey. So Scotch, Irish, bourbon, what have you, it really brings out the aromatics of whatever you’re drinking. I can’t tell the difference with vodkas and gins because to my nose they are very delicate. The device looks almost identical to the wine Vinturis but it’s clear and has a button that releases the liquid once you’ve filled the aerator. It also has markings like a jigger. It’s loads of fun to play with and would make a great holiday gift.

So do some experimenting and have some fun while decking the halls this year. Comment here with your discoveries and let me know which of these products you like best.—Anne Valdespino


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